The Ten People You Meet on LinkedIn

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Which one are you?

The salesperson: Hello, I’m contacting you because as a leader in the field of leading leadership, I think you’d be very interested in the digital transformational AI blockchain solutions offered by our team. When would be a good time for a meeting with us and your VPs Chuck and Melissa?

The former co-worker: I can’t believe it’s already been 12 years since Friday drinks with Jilly and Mo and the Sales Team. We should go for a coffee some time! Narrator: It would never happen.

The person who knows a lot of the same people you do: Maybe we’ve met, maybe we haven’t. If you’re good enough for Chuck and Melissa you’re good enough for me.

 The recruiter: Their algorithms found you through the buzzwords in your profile, and they’re super stoked about what a great fit you are for the role. You’ll send an updated CV so they can arrange an interview with the hiring manager, and you will never hear from them again.

The curious colleague: Has basically the same job as you and knows that some day the company will realize they only need one person to do it. Checking out your CV to see who’s better.

The brand-builder: Posts one to two inoffensive stories a week about new technologies or McKinsey’s latest epiphany, just in case their boss or a potential employer looks at their profile. If you like their posts, they’ll like yours.

The informational interviewer: Would like to get your insights on the industry you work in and the fascinating career you’ve had within it. You’ll have coffee with them even though you assume they’ve mistaken you for someone else.

The active member: People who turn up in your feed because their posts get a million likes. Usually stories about people who were authentic and got promoted instead of fired, or 5 Things You Can Learn From a Golden Retriever. Also influencer or thought leader.

The phisher: A stock photo of a middle-aged Asian man named Guy Buckingham wants to add you. He is President and CEO of Gan-wai Steel Corp, a company with no on-line presence.

The person who doesn’t use LinkedIn: Haven’t updated their profile since Friendster. Possibly dead.

Welcome to Guesswork

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The overall purpose of this site – blog sounds too 1990’s – is described under Bio, so I won’t repeat it.   I’ll post content on topics that appeal to me, which in no particular order are sustainability, science, technology, philosophy, family and absurdity. I may occasionally write and post fiction, which I started doing recently and enjoy, though I claim no great skill.