August 2020

About me

I’m interested in the intersection of the mysterious and the absurd, which is to say life.

Roles I’ve had: student, dishwasher, punk rock singer, office clerk, numerous types of manager including program, project, and product, bank executive, political candidate, TV producer and director, teacher, freelance writer, stay-at-home dad.

I’ve enjoyed all of them, although some more than others, and believe that periodic self-reinvention is a necessity.

Why this website

This Guesswork site is intended to showcase creative and media work that doesn’t suit LinkedIn, and also to be more philosophical rather than a laundry list of accomplishments.

Hence I’m not going to put a full CV here (check LinkedIn for that), but here are some things I believe:

  • That the future must be a sustainable one, and rather than being an afterthought in the boardroom, preserving resources for the next generations should be central to strategy.  Sustainability tends to have a good risk/return profile too.
  • That creativity, collaboration, and communication are the keys to success,  both in business and in life.
  • That a sense of humour is an underrated asset, especially in the workplace.
  • That business, like people, should always strive to do the right thing.

I’m based in Toronto, Canada, which I believe is one of the best places on the planet for humans to live.